Bulletin No: 18

Round Four Course Set Up Notes

Sun 20 Jul 2014 11:40 GMT

Weather (provided on site by the Met Office)

Saturday: Significant risk of thundery activity today, but with occasional lulls, these expected between 0600-1000, then 1400-2000, although risk won’t disappear completely. The situation will be closely monitored and thunderstorm level warnings issued appropriately. Outside of any thundery activity some bright or sunny spells will develop. During spells of thundery activity, there will be some heavy rain and gusty winds, otherwise winds will be light. Max temp 21C but still feeling rather humid.

Fairways and Rough

  • Fairways cut at 11mm
  • First cut (semi) rough (approximate width 2.5 metres) cut at 38mm (daily)
  • Second cut of rough (approximate width 4.5 metres) cut in early June and has been allowed to go to seed


The greens were double cut last night at 3.5mm and triple cut this morning at 3.5mm to reduce the impact of yesterday's heavy rain on today's pace. The greens were also rolled this morning. The greens are running at 11 feet but the moisture in the greens will result in the growth during the day, so there will be slight reduction in pace during the afternoon.


Approaches double cut at 7mm and rolled, and have the same average firmness as the greens.

Additional information

Links Manager - Craig Gilholm. 40 greenstaff for the Championship. Royal Liverpool permanent staff of 11 supplemented by staff from local clubs, other Open venues and R&A greenkeeping scholars

Total Course Yardage for Round One (tee marker settings to flagstick)

7281 yards (as compared to the full yardage of 7312 yards)

Hole-by-Hole Information

HoleFull YardageRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Comment on Hole for Round Four
2454460446447458Back right hole position brings back run off into play
3426418425416430Long right hole position brings the boundary into play if taken on.
5528512520534529Hole positioned just onto the top shelf of the green on the right.
6201201190191205Hole at the front of the top shelf
7480475477489471Front left hole position brings the left side bunkers into play. Best approached from the right side of the fairway.
8431417431434425Right side hole position brings the front right bunkers and the right swales into play
9197193186208196Very accessible middle green hole position
10532529524524538Back right hole position should mean there are eagle opportunities but shots from beyond the hole may be tricky due to the slope of the green
11391376389390382Front left hole position brings the front left bunker and the swale behind the hole into play
12447447441431445Middle left hole position brings the left side swale into play
13194181191202183Front right hole position brings the front right bunker and the swale behind the hole into play
14454445457460446Front left hole position means that flag will only be visible from the right side of the fairway and the mound to the front left of the green may come into play
15161168150166163Very accessible hole position in the middle left of the green
16577562566589583Backish right hole position brings the swales to the right and behind the hole into play
17458459460468463Hole position in the middle of the green on the top shelf
18551537540559545Hole position middle left means that shots from the front left bunkers will be challenging
  • Patrons of The Open 2014

    The R&A extends its gratitude to its Patrons for their support of The Open Championship.

  • Doosan
  • HSBC
  • Mastercard
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Nikon
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Rolex

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