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Kaymer keen to continue German success

16 July 2014 13:58 BST

Martin Kaymer

A superb sporting month for Germany saw their football team win the World Cup and Martin Kaymer capture the US Open. Many athletes may be keen to know the secret behind the Germans’ success.

“Patience,” Kaymer revealed. “Just play your game, use the opportunities that you get. Don’t make any silly mistakes, and wait. That’s all you can do.”

The cliché about German efficiency rang true for the national team in Brazil and Kaymer is looking to apply the same characteristics at The Open. “When you tell us to do something, we not only get it done, we get it done to last a long time,” he said. “It’s a very good quality of work. It’s proper, like the foundations, everything is good quality. [The national team] haven’t done anything special. They were a good, brave, strong team and they just delivered.”

“Every team has a bad day here and there. Germany didn’t play that great against America but they still got away with it. You have a day where you don’t play that well but you hang in there and you play something around par that doesn’t get you out of the tournament. Then you wait for that amazing day that they had against Brazil. At the US Open I had two of those.”

Kaymer went almost four years between winning the PGA Championship and the US Open, but he never felt the need to win another Major in order to validate his first, and his mentality was unwavering.

“I never doubted because I was planning more long-term, so with myself I was fine,” he said. “From the outside there was a lot more pressure and a lot of people didn’t think I was doing the right thing, but you can’t think like this as an individual athlete.

“It’s just about trusting your skill and trusting what you worked on for many years and really believe in the shots that you can hit, and then you have to do it. Hopefully it works out.”

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