Please do not bring the following items to The Open


No Ladders, (including step ladders), boxes, crates, (including folding crates), periscopes, selfie sticks and other similar items used to achieve an elevated viewing position.


No lawn or oversize chairs, folding chairs (with the exception of seating/tripod sticks), or any similar seating item deemed inappropriate by The R&A (or authorised person)


No items which are, or in the opinion of The R&A (or any authorised person) could be used as a weapon, including firearms, knives, corkscrews and personal protection sprays.


No Pyrotechnic devices including fireworks, explosives, smoke canisters, flares, laser pointers or similar items


No noise producing devices including air horns, portable speakers, PA systems, megaphones or similar items used for amplification or broadcast.


No unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), including drones, model aircraft, kites or similar airborne crafts/items


No Bicycles (unless authorised by The R&A), skateboards, skates and other ride on equipment, except those required to be used as mobility aids by registered persons with mobility impairment


No promotional, commercial, political, religious or items deemed offensive of whatever nature, including but not limited to clothing, banners, signs, symbols and leaflets used for ambush marketing or other similar unauthorised promotional purposes


No professional cameras and video cameras or any photographic equipment used for commercial purposes. Further information on this policy will be provided in due course.


Bags are subject to search. Oversized bags deemed inappropriate by The R&A (and/or authorised person) may be restricted entry and will be required to be stored at the left luggage facility located at the main entrance gate. 


No Pets except for service animals


No Alcoholic beverages

No items which, in the reasonable opinion of The R&A (or authorised person), could potentially cause harm, upset or offense to others attending the Championship.

The R&A reserve the right to amend the list of prohibited items at any time to provide a safe and secure Championship.