Frequently Asked Questions


1.1            CONTACT US

Who should I contact if I have a problem with my tickets or the app?

If you are having problems with your digital tickets or the app, please contact us at and a member of our team would be delighted to assist you.




I changed my smartphone. How do I access my Open tickets on my new smartphone?

Simply download The Open Tickets app on your new smart phone and log in with your email address and password.

Why aren't my tickets showing up in The Open Tickets app?

Please ensure that you have entered the correct email address. To receive your tickets, you must use the same email address that you used to purchase the tickets. If you have to login with another email address, logout of the app and sign in with the correct email address.

If your tickets were originally forwarded to you by another Open Tickets app user, the original sender may have cancelled the forward and you should check with the person who sent you the tickets.

If your phone is not at the correct date and time, you may not see your tickets or receive unexpected errors.

Do I need an internet connection?

Yes, you need an internet connection to receive your Open tickets and also to activate your Open tickets to enter the venue. Please note that WiFi will be available at the venue if required.

Where can I see more details about my tickets?

Within each ticket you can find more detailed information about the ticket by clicking the (i) button at the bottom of the ticket.

The barcode is not showing on my ticket(s). Is my ticket valid?

Yes, your ticket will activate within 24 hours of gates opening. If you have any issues with ticket activation on the day you are attending, please visit the on-site ticket office for assistance.




Can I send a ticket to a friend?

Yes, you can securely send your Open tickets to a friend or family member by using the transfer functionality in the app.

How will my recipient know I sent tickets?

If you transfer a ticket to a guest, friend or family member that has never created an account on the app before, they will receive an email to invite them to download The Open Tickets app and create an account.

If you transfer a ticket to a friend or family member that already has the app, they will receive a notification once the ticket is available on their app.

Can I re-send a ticket received?

Yes, a ticket can be transferred to a new recipient (or transferred back the sender) after it has been received.

Where can I find the list of tickets sent / received?

In the “Ticket Transfer” menu item, you will find a list of all tickets sent and received, including the name of the sender or recipient.

I have purchased several Open tickets, should I transfer the additional tickets to my friends or should I keep them on my phone?

We strongly encourage all attendees to hold their own ticket on their own smartphone for security purposes and to speed up entry on arrival. This can be done using the in-app transfer functionality to send any additional tickets to the other members of your party. We recommend transferring any tickets in advance of your arrival to avoid delays.

What if my friend doesn’t have a smartphone?

If you are attending The Open with a guest, friend or family member who does not have access to a smartphone, tickets can be retained on a single attendees app. If no one in the party has access to a smartphone, please come to the on-site ticket office with proof of purchase and our team will be able to assist you.

Can I keep any additional junior tickets on my smartphone?

Yes, there is no requirement to transfer any junior tickets you have on your smartphone.

When can I transfer tickets?

You can transfer your tickets any time until you have entered the venue.

Can I cancel the transfer of a ticket?

Yes, you can cancel the transfer of a ticket until it is successfully received by the recipient. The recipient will receive the ticket when they log in and open The Open Tickets app. After the transfer is successful, it is not possible to cancel it.

If you accidentally send the ticket to the wrong email address, after cancellation, you can resend the ticket to the correct email address.

Why do I still see a ticket after sending?

Just after sending a ticket, your ticket remains in the “my tickets” tab, marked as “In transfer”, until your ticket is received by the recipient. As soon as the ticket is received, the ticket moves from “my tickets” to the “my transfers” tab.



1.4            HOW TO ENTER THE VENUE?

How Should I prepare my smartphone to enter the venue?

The battery of your phone should be charged, and you should enable your internet and Bluetooth connection.

Do I need internet connection to enter the venue?

Yes, you need an internet connection to activate your Open tickets when you enter to the venue. Please note that WiFi will be available if required.

How do I enter the venue with digital tickets?

At the entrance have your smartphone ready, turn up your screen brightness to full, load The Open Tickets App and have your own ticket ready with the QR code clearly visible.  

Can I use a screenshot of my ticket?

No, screenshots of tickets will not be accepted. Tickets must be presented within The Open Tickets app. Copies of barcodes presented through third-party applications, screenshots or print outs will not be accepted at the venue.

What do I do if my mobile device's battery runs out?

Make sure you come to the venue with your smart phone battery charged. You won’t be able to show your tickets without battery.

If your phone’s battery has run out, please go to the on-site Ticket Office where they will be able to assist you.


Is readmission in place at The 150th Open?

Yes, you will be able to leave the venue and return on the same day if you wish. When exiting the course, you must ensure you collect a wristband if you intend to re-enter later that day. If you do not have a valid wristband and your ticket on The Open Tickets App, you will not be able to re-enter the venue.