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The 149th Open at Royal St George's

Digital Tickets | FAQs

Going digital

What is The Open Tickets App?
The Open Tickets app is a mobile ticketing application available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The app will be required for all spectators attending The 149th Open at Royal St. George’s, including all ticket holders and hospitality guests.
Why are we going digital for The Open?
For The 149th Open Championship, we will be delivering tickets digitally to all of our ticket holders. The use of digital tickets helps to protect our fans’ health and safety by reducing physical contact during the venue entry process. The use of digital tickets also provides a secure means to manage and transfer your tickets, and will also be the place that attendees can complete any required pre-event Covid-19 protocols.

What if I don't have a smartphone?

I have purchased tickets for The Open, but don’t have access to a smartphone. What should I do?

For any spectator attending The Open that does not have access to a smartphone, please come to the on-site Ticket Office to complete the required Covid-19 protocols that would ordinarily be managed through the app. This will not apply to junior (under 16) ticket holders.

The lead purchaser of the group must accompany you and provide the following:

1) Proof of purchase (e.g. a printed email/ printed file recap document)

If you had tickets purchased for you and the lead purchaser will not be in attendance to provide proof of purchase, please contact us to discuss your entry process.

Ticketholders can contact us on or +44 (0)1334 460010.

Hospitality guess can contact us on or +44 (0)1334 460090.

2) Some form of ID (e.g. driver’s license or bank card),

Please note that if you are required to come to the on-site Ticket office, it will result in longer queues and slower entry to The Open at peak times.

I have purchased public Park & Ride tickets for The Open, but don’t have access to a smartphone. What should I do?
For any spectators attending The Open that have purchased tickets for the public Park & Ride, your Parking tickets will be available on The Open Tickets app. If you do not have access to a smart phone, you must provide proof of purchase for your parking tickets (e.g. a printed email/ printed file recap document) at the Park & Ride entrance.

How to receive my Open tickets?

How can I access my Open tickets?

All ticket holders and hospitality guests should receive an email containing instructions on how to access their Open tickets.

To access your tickets, you will be required to download The Open Tickets App from the Apple Store if you have an iPhone or from the Google Play Store if you have an Android based smartphone.

You will need to create a new app account, ensuring that you input the same email address used to purchase your tickets.

If you are not the purchaser, your host will transfer tickets to you. You will need to create a new app account, ensuring that you input the email address that your host used to transfer your tickets.

Can I use a Windows smartphone to access my Open tickets?

The Open Tickets App is available only for iOS and Android. It’s not compatible with Windows smartphones.

If you have bought mobile tickets and you have a Windows smartphone, please contact us at

Can I print my Open tickets?
No, your digital Open tickets are only accessible on The Open Tickets App and cannot be transferred to computers. Please note that admittance will not be granted on production of a printed screenshot.
I’m having trouble registering on the app. What can I do?

Please make sure you entered the below required fields correctly:

1. The email that you used to purchase the tickets with. If you were transferred tickets, please use the email your tickets were transferred to.

2. The 6-digit activation code received by email

3. Password: it needs to contain at least 8 characters including at least one uppercase letter (e.g. A), one lowercase letter (e.g. b) and one numerical (e.g. 1).

Please also make sure to accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

If needed, use the functionality “Resend an activation code” to receive a new activation code - only the last activation code received is valid.

I no longer have access to the email address that I made my purchase with
If you are no longer able to access the email inbox from which you purchased your tickets or hospitality, please contact us at or
I changed my smartphone. How do I access my Open tickets on my new smartphone?
Simply download The Open Tickets app on your new smart phone and log in with your email address and password created on your old smartphone.
Why aren't my tickets showing up in The Open Tickets app?

Please ensure that you have entered the correct email address. To receive your tickets, you must use the same email address that you used to purchase the tickets, or the email address that your tickets were transferred to from the ticket purchaser. If you have to login with another email address, logout of the app and sign in with the correct email address.

If your tickets were originally forwarded to you by another Open Tickets app user, the original sender may have cancelled the forward ticket and you should check with the person who sent you the tickets.

If your phone is not set to the correct date and time, you may not see your tickets or receive unexpected errors.

Where can I see more details?
Within each ticket you can find more detailed information about the ticket by clicking the circular 'i' button at the bottom of the ticket.
The barcode is not showing on my ticket. Is my ticket valid?
Yes, your ticket will activate within 24 hours of gates opening. In order to view the barcode you must complete our two in-app questionnaires: 1) The COVID-19 Questionnaire which can be completed anytime before the event and 2) The pre-event health questionnaire. The health questionnaire will appear in your app on the day you are attending. Once both questionnaires have been answered as expected your ticket QR code will appear. Therefore, your ticket QR code will only appear on the day of attendance.
I have received some of my tickets, but not others
The Open’s digital tickets have now all been sent, and ticket purchasers should have received an email with instructions on how to download their tickets. 
If you still cannot see all your tickets in The Open Tickets App, please email or call us on +44(0)1334 460010.

How can I send tickets to friends?

Can I send a ticket to a friend?
Yes, you can securely send your Open tickets to a guest, friend or family member by using the transfer functionality in the app and entering their email address. Please make sure that you send any tickets in advance of arriving at The Open.
How will my recipient know I sent a ticket?
If you transfer a ticket to a guest, friend or family member, they will receive an email with instructions of how to download The Open Tickets app and access their ticket(s).
Can I re-send a ticket received?
Yes, a ticket can be transferred to a new recipient (or transferred back to the sender) after it has been received.
Where can I find the list of tickets sent / received?
In the “Transfer History” tab on the app, you will find a list of all tickets sent and received, including the name of the sender or recipient.
I have purchased several Open tickets. Should I transfer the additional tickets to my friends or should I keep them on my phone?
Due to Covid-19 protocols that will be in place at The 149th Open, we ask that all ticket holders have their own digital ticket on their own smart phone. Therefore, if you have purchased tickets on behalf of guests, friends or family members, please ensure that you transfer each additional ticket to the individual they are intended for ahead of the event. The only exception to this is for junior (under 16) ticket holders whose tickets can be kept on the accompanying adult's smartphone.
What if my friend doesn’t have a smartphone?
If you are attending The Open with a guest, friend or family member who does not have a smartphone, you will need to come with your guest, friend or family member to the on-site Ticket Office for them to complete a number of Covid-19 protocol documents that would ordinarily be managed through the app. Please note that this will not apply to junior (under 16) ticket holders.
Can I keep any additional junior tickets on my smartphone?
Yes, there is no requirement to transfer any junior tickets you have on your smartphone. Use the ‘Assign’ functionality on the app, if you intend to keep someone else’s ticket on your phone.
When can I transfer tickets?
You can transfer your tickets any time until you have entered the venue. However, we strongly recommend transferring them prior to your arrival.
I did not receive the “Ticket sent” email. What should I do?
If you are expecting to receive a ticket but were not notified by email, check your email spam folder and contact the sender. The sender can cancel the current ticket sending, then re-send to you.
Can I cancel the transfer of a ticket?

Yes, you can cancel the transfer of a ticket until it is successfully received by the recipient. The recipient will receive the ticket when they log in and open The Open Tickets app. After the transfer is successful, it is not possible to cancel it.

If you accidentally send the ticket to the wrong email address, after cancellation, you can resend the ticket to the correct email address.

Why do I still see a ticket after sending?
Just after sending a ticket, your ticket will remain in the “My Tickets” tab and marked as a “Pending Transfer” until your ticket is received by the recipient. As soon as the ticket is received, the ticket will move from “My Tickets” to the “Transfer History” tab.
Can I transfer my weekly ticket to different people on different days?
Yes, weekly tickets are transferrable in a similar way to a traditional physical weekly ticket. Once a spectator is finished with a weekly ticket on any given day of the Championship, they can transfer it onto another individual to use on subsequent days. This can be done by clicking on the three dots in the bottom right corner of the ticket, clicking Transfer, and entering the email address of the person using the ticket the following day.

How to enter the venue

How should I prepare my smartphone to enter the venue?
The battery of your phone should be fully charged, screen brightness turned to full, and you should enable your internet connection.
Do I need an internet connection to enter the venue?
Yes, you need an internet connection to receive your Open tickets and also to activate your tickets to enter the venue. Please note that Wi-Fi will be available at the venue if required.
How to enter the venue with digital tickets?
At the entrance, simply present your smart phone with your ticket displaying the barcode. Please note, you will not see the barcode until the ticket has activated, usually 24 hours before gates open.
How to enter the hospitality area with your digital ticket?

Once you have scanned your digital ticket at the venue entrance and made your way to the Hospitality area, you will be asked to scan your digital ticket a second time. Please have your digital ticket ready for scanning.

Following scanning you will be directed to the reception for check in.

Can I use a screenshot of my ticket?
No, screenshots of tickets will not be accepted. Tickets must be presented within The Open Tickets app. Copies of barcodes presented through third-party applications, screenshots or print outs will not be accepted at the venue.
Can I send Open tickets at the venue?
You can send tickets at any time until you have entered the venue. It is not possible to send tickets once they have been scanned through the gates.
What if I lose connectivity after I've retrieved my tickets?

If you have previously downloaded your tickets in The Open Tickets App, then your tickets can be displayed without any internet connection.

You will need an internet connection to activate the ticket in the app within 24 hours of your attendance

Since connectivity may be intermittent at the venue, we encourage you to download your tickets to your device before heading to the venue. But please note that Wi-Fi will be available at the venue if required.

What do I do if my mobile device's battery runs out?

Make sure you come to the venue with your smart phone battery fully charged. You won’t be able to show your tickets without battery.

If your phone’s battery has run out, please go to the on-site Ticket Office where they will be able to assist you.

Contact us

Who should I contact if I have a problem with my tickets or the app?

If you are having problems with your digital tickets or the app, please contact us and a member of our team would be delighted to assist you.

Ticketholders can contact us on or +44 (0)1334 460010.

Hospitality guests can contact us on or +44 (0)1334 460090.