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History of The Open

The Open's Greatest


Engage with our biggest ever fan vote

The Open

Who is the greatest player in the history of The Open?

Over the coming weeks, as we continue our countdown to the historic 150th Open at St Andrews, you can help decide the man most deserving of that accolade, according to the fans.

Taking place on our social media channels, The Open’s Greatest is our biggest ever fan vote and will give you the chance to have your say in head-to-head matches involving the Championship’s finest stars from every generation.

Pre-qualifying has already begun via our Twitter channel, with three-way contests between 33 players who have each left lasting impressions at The Open.

The 11 successful qualifiers will then be added to our final bracket, along with 21 of The Open’s most decorated players, with the first round of knockout matches beginning on Monday 14 March.

Voting will take place across our various social media channels as The Open's Greatest progresses, so be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube in order to pick your winners in each match-up.

The Open’s Greatest is scheduled to conclude in early April, when we will discover who the fans have chosen as the Championship’s best-ever player.

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